2011 (Belated) Year In Review

2011 was a gargantuan year for Twenty Six Letters. We both took the Christmas holidays as a chance to travel: Meriam to Perth and I to New Zealand. It was a great opportunity to reflect on the year that was, to rest and to plan for the year ahead. This really was no difficult task by the pristine waters of Lake Wakitipu. Below is a quick look at our reflections of 2011 and some snaps of where we went to daydream over the holidays.

This year is already off to a wonderful start for us. We have so much to look forward to in the months ahead and we look forward to sharing with you in the next couple of weeks some of the ideas, ambitions and goals that keep us so inspired! 

Lake Wakitipu, Queenstown, New Zealand

Ocean Reef Beach, Perth, Western Australia

February 14, 2012

by Marianne Sourial
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