What do Megan Morton's The School and Glee Have In Common?

For those of you that are living an ascetic life in the wilderness (and still read our blog) you may not have heard of Sydney Stylist Megan Morton or her latest project- The School. Who am I kidding, you have heard. Even if you have no internet access and are not yet on Instagram you would have heard the birds singing about it!

The School

had the absolute delight and pleasure of visiting The School (The Studio and The Propery) last week for Rachel Castle's Inaugural Screen Printing Class. Spending the whole day in the glow of Megan Morton and brilliance of Rachel Castle has pushed me over the limit of my allocated fun quota for the month of May AND June. I may just write to Megan asking her to include this disclaimer on her website: 'Classes at The School may cause boisterous fun, excessive laughter and high levels of heart warming joy.' Megan herself perhaps ought to wear a badge, 'Nicest person on the planet!' It was my first time to meet her and it was adoration-at-first-sight. She truly is marvelous in every way.

The School in my opinion is the Glee of all things craft, design and styling! This is why:

1. The School has an amazing, talented line up of guest stars teachers. Rachel Castle from Castle And Things, Holly Hipwell (her name alone is worthy of casting her) from The Flower Drum, Naomi from Hello Naomi, Kitiya Palaskas, Beattie Lanser, and Tamara Maynes. Just like Glee, The School has an all star line up. In my opinion The School's list actually rivals that of Glee's unless you are an avid fan of Ricki Martin?

2. Every class at The School makes ones knees weak with anticipation and excitement, like every upcoming episode of Glee.

3. If you thought Tina, Rachel and Quinn's outfits were super cute, you should see Megan Morton's wardrobe and Holly Hipwell's now infamous yellow dress. None of the Glee cast can don a First Prize Rosette and make it look super cool like Megan can. Ok, maybe Quinn can?


MM and Holly HipwellMegan Morton and Holly Hipwell in the infamous yellow dress [Image: The School]

4. The School hosts a myriad of awesome classes for young and older: cupcake and cookie decorating, how to make doily lampshade or dream catcher, screen printing and even styling classes taught by Megan Morton herself. Doesn't this make you want to get up and dance around the room with mirth? We all know a few people who are guilty of busting a few moves in their living rooms watching Glee. The School causes the same sudden urge in me to prance, foxtrot, rhumba, jitterbug and twist again around my living room.

5. There can be some drama at The School, like on Glee. Choosing between neon orange or fluorescent pink for my screen print, for instance. Questions like, 'Should I paint circles or four leaf clovers?' or 'Should I select the cream and jam filled sponge cake or another chocolate treat for afternoon tea?' See, dramatic choices at The School, I tell you.

I rest my case, the fun and merriment of Glee has landed on our shores in Rosebury, Sydney!

Below, you can see my photo's of all the hoopla that was the Screen Printing Class at The School. In true Megan Morton style, I suggest you listen to this track by none other than the Glee cast, whilst scrolling through the images. Then, head over to The School and book yourself in for a class, you will love it. Bust a move!

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMThe super talented Rachel Castle giving Megan Morton a go at screen printing.MMMMMM

I went for the Twenty Six Letters logo for my first screen print.

MMMMMy logo screen print [Images: Megan Morton, The School]

MMThe gorgeous Megan Morton and I.

May 29, 2012

by Marianne Sourial
in Things We Love