Online Meandering

I am an avid online shopper and I have the credit card statements to prove it. There are so many reasons why I love to buy online- the convenience, the ability to shop at any hour, cladding any hairstyle and the anticipation of the delivery of your new item. I do it so much that it really can be a surprise when the courier arrives with a package. The thought bubble floats over my unmade hair scripted with the words “I wonder what it could be?”

A gift for myself!

Combine this passion with a deep and unfading love of interiors and homewares and you can quickly sense danger! You can imagine my excitement when I discovered that I could customise and purchase my own sheet and duvet set at POP by Sheriden! We all know and love our Sheriden sheets, but to now be able to choose your combination of styles and patterns to suit your taste and have it delivered to your front door before your other set of washed sheets is dry- well that is truly wonderful! I have had fun indulging in the idea of ordering a set for my bed, but I have already exhausted my Christmas- presents -for -self quota for at least the next two years! If I could daydream for just a minute, I would choose the Jiro Quilt in the Grey with Haru european pillow covers, and the yellow sheets. The website is easy to use and allows you to visualise your selections and process your online order conveniently.


Pop Sheriden

Jiro Quilt in the Grey with Haru european pillow covers, and yellow sheets from POP Sheriden.

Just last week I came across Mottega, an online store that allows you to configure your own lamps! Thankfully you cannot check out to Australia just yet. I could not choose a favourite, so it would be absolutely imperative for me to order more than one. I think they would look lovely beside the new sheet set too. In fact, I would love a bedroom accessorised with a mustard, mortar and mandarin colour scheme.

.Colour Scheme


1. Tresana Lamp in Mandarin with gold leaf base and linen flat drum shade, $699, Mottega.

 2. Monti  Lamp in Sol with metal silver base, acrylic sphere and white tall drum shade, $599, Mottega.

I have bought numerous pieces of furniture online, including rugs and soft furnishings. It has always been my preference as I can do my research online, take the time to think about the item, compare prices and sometimes even send the link to a trusted friend with a quick question, “beige linen cushion or the French toile?” I can bookmark the virtual places I love to shop and can visit them at any time. It really is a wonderful thing!

Do you shop online? What do you buy?

May 12, 2011

by Marianne Sourial
in Things We Love