Twenty Six Letters design

Our long friendship has always involved collaborative creative pursuits. Recently we have combined our talents and created Twenty Six Letters to bring our ideas to you. Each coming with unique skills and approaches, we come together to create a considered and refined design aesthetic. Our common ambition is to bring joy to you through the products we design and the experiences we orchestrate.
Marianne Sourial
began her professional life as a solicitor, but don’t hold that against her. She harboured within herself a secret passion for all things creative and entrepreneurial. She submerges herself wholeheartedly into her pursuits, and has undertaken subsequent studies in the psychology, coaching and business fields. This world and its limitations are not big enough for her daring ambitions and ideas. A furniture admirer, high tea indulger and philosopher at heart, she brings a refined eye for detail to Twenty Six Letters.

Meriam & Marianne

Meriam Salama
emerged into the professional world as a bright eyed architect, and like all architects, felt it was her role to change the world. (It’s true, just ask them). Never being one to adhere to conventions, she has ventured down the rabbit hole to explore design in all its facets. She has found a natural ability to apply her design skills, in a considered way, to many varied creative pursuits. If she is not found searching the internet for long board surfboards, you will find her in her reading room, where a Salinger book is never far from hand.